Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goals for 2012

A short collection of my goals for 2012 - publicity helps with these things.

  • Visit at least one new country(I meant to make it somewhere else last year, instead I ended up in Australia again.)
  • Renew Certified Scrum Practitioner certificate. Not really sure how much I value it, but it's cheap to renew and I'd like to try their shiny new test so I can have an opinion on it.
  • Deal with my wrist related issues better. Got a few solutions for this, my current favorite is getting junior devs to write code while I sit with them and teach/dictate, this is great for my hands and also seems to work well for getting people up to speed quickly.
  • More speaking and on more varied topics. I enjoy speaking so I shall do more of it and I need te break out of always doing tech focussed topics as what I do has become so much broader than that in the last couple of years.
  • Read more books. I have a few target areas here: Finishing off the main business books that I still have to read, progressing my broader knowledge( particularly more science related reading this year I think), a decent amount of tech reading, more good fiction and less trashy fiction.
  • Write More and regularly. My girlfriend has set out to do 500 words a day, I hope to match her totals but probably won't achieve the same regularity she will. Hopefully get up to at least five days a week though. Writing is something I'd like to develop into being more of a small regular habit than something I work at in bursts.
  • Get down to less than 50 Films to go on the IMDB top 250. I've got 93 to go now and watched just under 50 last year so I basically have two years left before I've finished watching the majority of the films that are really good in the generally watched realm. It does miss a bunch of really good films that have only achieved smaller audiences, but in general it feels like an enriching experience and makes me appreciate all film a lot more. In the same way as you have te read quite a bit of classic literature before it all starts coming together and being enjoyable.
  • Learn Clojure, I've always liked lisp and clojure is threatening to actually be moderately successful in the wider world.
  • Automate more things. Both small tasks in my day to day life and business related stuff, there are things I do too often and haven't got around to automating. I want to find at least 6 tasks that I do regularly that I can make more automated. This could mean anything from automating basic new site setup to getting a better system for handling my expenses. 
  • Get some traction for at least one of the startups I'm involved in. Got few things in the pipeline and a couple of projects that are succeeding on the marketing front so long as the product arrives when it's looking like it should.