Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rails Rumble

Just finished the 2009 Rails Rumble. Have slept 8 hours of the last 53 or so - of course I should blog now!

App should be at

It's an app that allows you to share your own music to get feedback, or listen to music and give feedback. Identifying win-win situations is good.

The event was a lot of fun once again. I was a lot more familiar with rails and we had a better idea of what we could fit into 48 hours going in. Lots of chaos in the development process as we all tried to put bits and pieces where we thought they should go.

A heavy ajax version of the site got cut about halfway through. In many ways due to difficulty in communicating quickly about how various partial installs worked together rather than having large well delineated pages.

We had a team mate nod off near the end leaving me with the deploy process(Mobile phones that you use as your alarm are a dangerous single point of failure when your backup is to get people to ring you). Which should have been fine except passenger exploded when we tried to upload music files... In the end we had a very last minute mongrel install that's a bit lacking in performance but works.

May go into more depth after sleep.

Since the last post

Started a new job in February. (Rails developer at
Started Ballroom Dancing
Drank many cocktails
Became known as the 'Martini guy' at the bar across from work.
Became a Certified Scrum Master

Tried to balance full time work and full time study.