Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Achievements

A few of the interesting things I did in 2010 in more or less chronological order.
  • Started off flat out for the initial release of Sponsafier. By far the highest traffic site I've worked on with peaks of 26000 hits per minute.
  • ate up a week and had lots of interesting things, including the first time I came across Albany High school and their awesome open source infrastructure.
  • Had an intra-office showdown between myself and Mike Lowery on Agile Bob's agile question contest. Plenty of trash-talking was had. In the end I came out victorious on the basis of being more novel and/or crazy.
  • Attended Webstock, got a sweet bag. Rives was pretty awesome too.
  • Became a Certified Scrum Professional (Which, apparently, is better than a Certified Scrum Master even though it doesn't sound like it).
  • Started thinking about planning for Rails Camp NZ
  • Organised Rails Bootcamp
  • Attempted the Milford Track. It was slightly damp.
  • Made Technical Lead at 3months
  • Ran a Rails Workshop at Victoria University
  • Worked a lot and posted lots of overtime, outside stuff went down a bit though.
  • Settled on a location and started working on selling tickets for Rails Camp
  • Created a MUD in Node.js for the Node Knockout
  • Resigned from 3months to start Rabid Tech
  • Did the Rails Rumble and created a news aggregator
  • Did some contracting while getting going with Rabid Tech, unfortunately it took up a lot more time than I meant it to and delayed other things.
  • Attended the NZ Open Source Awards - I had code in three different finalists.
  • Gave a talk at Wellrailed on Rspec 2 and TDD - Unfortunately the videoing didn't work.
  • Wrote a novel for Nanowrimo - Lots of editing still to do.


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