Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting set for railscamp

I'm now in Melbourne in the sweltering heat after leaving a few days of terrible weather in Wellington behind. Have discovered that all the cooler clothes I used to own when I lived in Aussie have disappeared over the last few years.

Managed to catch a few hours sleep on the plane after the 5AM check-in then made my way out to visit one of the guys I did the Rails Rumble with. Crashing with him tonight and then out to the camp tomorrow.

Looking forward to RailsCamp tomorrow, will hopefully do some more blogging when I get back.

Also trying to keep up with Nanowrimo for the month. Novel is at just under half done with 10 days remaining. Have turned it into a heist novel set in a Spaceship instead of the epic sci-fi it was going to be so that I can take advantage of formulaic plots to speed things up. Hopefully I can find an hour to write each day at the camp, if I'm lucky the time difference will have me up a couple of hours before everyone else.

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